How to Freeze a Row in Google Sheets

January 24, 2024
David Sunnyside

Freezing rows and columns is an incredibly useful feature for managing large spreadsheets. It keeps key data visible as you scroll horizontally or vertically, improving readability and making it easier to compare and analyze your spreadsheets.

You can freeze rows and columns using a few different methods. In this article, you’ll learn how to use the drag-and-drop shortcut, the “View” menu, and the right-click menu to freeze rows and columns in google sheets. You’ll also learn how to freeze multiple rows and columns at once, as well as two ways to freeze rows and columns on the google sheets mobile app.

The simplest way to freeze a row in google sheets is to use the drag-and-drop shortcut. In the top-left corner of your spreadsheet, you’ll see a thick gray bar running horizontally and vertically. Click and drag this bar below the first row you want to freeze, and Google Sheets will immediately freeze that row so it stays in view as you scroll.

This method is also helpful when you’re reviewing grades for 30 students and need to freeze the student IDs in column C so you can keep track of which student has which row. It can be frustrating to scroll through a long list of rows and columns when you’re trying to identify which row has the information you need.

The quickest way to freeze multiple rows or columns is by using the “View” menu. From there, select the row or column you want to freeze, then click View > Freeze. From the “Freeze” menu, select Up to [row number] or Up to [column letter].

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