How to Get a OnePlus 2 Invite

July 16, 2023
David Sunnyside

OnePlus phones are some of the most sought after mobile devices. Last year when the flagship killer OnePlus One launched there was massive interest and hype. However, it was difficult to buy one as the Chinese startup used an invite system to sell their smartphone. This was intended to generate buzz but also caused frustration for fans wanting to get their hands on the 'flagship killer'.

This time around the Chinese company is changing things up. While they are not going to stop using the invite system, OnePlus has announced they will have more on hand and have tweaked the way they distribute them. For example, this year they are introducing a reservation list which means you can register and be placed on a queue when stock becomes available.

You can sign up here to reserve an invite for the OnePlus 2. The reservation list will have priority over existing OnePlus community members and others who signed up to be on the waitlist. You can also try your luck with a contest which the company will be running. The first contest, called #WWYDF2 (What Would You Do for the 2) has just concluded and 22 lucky winners were able to jump up the queue to grab an invite.

If you are unable to score an invite or don't want to go through the hassle, you can always buy the phone from any of the many resellers that have the device on sale in China. However, that's going to cost you a premium.

David Sunnyside
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