How to Get Google Play on the Nook Color

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

The Nook Color isn't as high-powered as a Samsung Galaxy tablet, but it still has plenty of oomph to be a full-fledged eReader and run Android apps. In fact, a few early users figured out how to root the device and sideload Google Play, essentially turning it into a fully functional Android tablet. Barnes & Noble used to block the Google Play store from its devices, but with a few hoops to jump through, the Nook is now open to the same options as its rivals.

B&N's Nook HD ($199 on up) and Nook HD+ ($269 on up) tablets already feature a sterling screen that beats the ones on their chief competitors, plus the company provides some attractive content services like periodicals and family-friendly tools (including individual profiles for members of your household). But they were missing some key features that would make them a more compelling choice for consumers.

That's changing with today's software update bringing the Nook to the same level of openness as other Android tablets. Now the Nook can access the 700,000-plus apps available in the Google Play store.

It's interesting that B&N is embracing its competitors in this way, after years of keeping the Nook out of their own app ecosystem. The move is also a recognition that it didn't work to keep the walled garden up, with Nook sales falling 26 percent last quarter and B&N considering spinning off its Nook Media unit.

David Sunnyside
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