How to Get Instagram Notes

March 20, 2024
David Sunnyside

Instagram notes allow users to share messages to a small group of followers or close friends. They can be text-only or include a short video. Once posted, the note will remain visible to the recipient for 24 hours. The intimate sharing circle and 60-character limit position Instagram notes as an ideal platform for fostering meaningful interactions with your followers.

Instagram Notes are available on Android and iPhone. To start, open your Instagram app and go to the DM section. At the top of the list, you will see your profile photo and a note icon. Tap the note icon to create a new Note, or tap the icon in the bottom right corner of your DM page to view Notes from your friends and followers.

To reply to a Note, simply tap on it. You can then write a message, add a song from your music library, or a video up to 2 seconds long. When your friend replies, the conversation will move to a normal DM chat.

For creators, Instagram notes provide a unique way to connect with loyal followers and a dedicated audience. They can also be used to promote upcoming events or products. With notes conveniently located above the DM inbox, they are an ideal platform for businesses seeking a non-pushy form of communication on the app. It is also a great tool for collecting feedback from customers and soliciting ideas. This way, the business can keep its community engaged and connected to the brand.

David Sunnyside
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