How to Get iOS 9 Emojis Without Upgrading

July 16, 2023
David Sunnyside

A few days ago, Apple officially released iOS 9. The company’s latest mobile operating system is available for iPhone and iPad devices as well as iPod Touch 5th-Generation models. It brought with it a host of novel features, some leaked beforehand (like Proactive) and others — like the closing icon, two crossed lines that form an X, and the new emoji for paella and a pinocchio or liar – that were a bit of a surprise.

While iOS 9 is an important update for Apple, some users may not want to upgrade just to get the new emojis and other changes. Fortunately, there are workarounds that allow you to add iOS 9 emojis to your device without upgrading to the latest version of the operating system.

To do this, you’ll need to install the EmojiPort package in Cydia and also download and install a few other tweaks. First, open Cydia and navigate to the EmojiPort section. Tap the Em0ji_iOS 9.1 option, then you’ll see a list of emojis that you can select. After selecting a set, Cydia will ask if you’re sure, then it’ll reboot and respring your device.

Once your device is back up and running, open a text editor app such as an email or WhatsApp to check that you have the iOS 10.2 emojis. If you don’t, simply go back into BytaFont 3 and click the Swap Mode — Emoji tab. You can then select the Restore BytaFont backup button to revert back to your original collection of smiley faces.

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