How to Get Rid of Ground Bees: Easy, DIY Solutions for a Healthy Lawn

May 1, 2024

Dealing with Ground Bees: Tips and Tricks

Understanding Ground Bees

Ground bees are beneficial insects that play a significant role in the pollination of plants. Despite their importance, these creatures can pose challenges for homeowners, primarily due to the unsightly nests they construct within lawns and gardens. Ground bees, or mining bees as they are sometimes called, nest in the ground, which can harm the health of grass. Among the common types of ground bees are bumblebees, cellophane bees, digger bees, and sweat bees. Unlike aggressive species like yellow jackets, ground bees are typically not hazardous and are excellent pollinators, often proving more efficient than honey bees.

Identifying Ground Bees

Accurate identification of ground bees is essential in eliminating the risk of mistaking them for more dangerous insects. Signs of a ground bee infestation include observing bees flying close to the ground, dirt holes, buzzing sounds, and multiple bees entering the same hole. These bees are more active during spring while their colonies are expanding.

DIY Methods to Manage and Control Ground Bees

Though ground bees are beneficial, one may sometimes need to manage them due to the impact on grass health or simple preference. There are a few DIY methods that can serve the purpose, typically requiring about one to two hours to implement with a minimal cost ranging from $10 to $60.

Maintaining a Healthy Lawn

A well-kept lawn can help deter ground bees. Keeping the soil damp and covering entrances to their nests can discourage their presence.

Using Household Ingredients

Common household ingredients can also be deployed against ground bees. This could involve using sugar, DIY sprays, or certain scents that these bees find disturbing.

Soaking or Flooding their Nests

Flooding the nests of ground bees is another method that can be used in targeting this pest. Pouring a large amount of water into their nests can lead to their displacement.

Changing Soil Conditions

Adjusting the conditions of your soil, for example, by watering, mulching, or seeding the lawn can dissuade ground bees from making your yard their home.

When to Seek Professional Help

If the DIY methods are unable to solve the problem, consider seeking professional help. Services from companies like Ehrlich Pest Control can provide a robust solution to the problem. However, this service might cost up to $500. These professionals can help assess the situation and suggest solutions for bee removal or control.

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