How to Get Rid of Heat Stroke in Ark

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

Heat Stroke is a serious condition in which your core body temperature gets too high. It’s usually the result of overexertion in hot, humid weather and can be fatal if not treated quickly. The biggest signs of heat stroke are confusion, fatigue and a rapid heart rate. If you see this icon in your ark it’s time to seek emergency treatment in a hospital or tek sleeping pod.

The hypothalamus sets your body’s core temperature; if it rises above that level, you have heat stroke. Symptoms include hot, flushed skin; heavy sweating that stops when you stop sweating; an extremely high heart rate; weakness; nausea and vomiting; headache; dizziness; and loss of consciousness.

You should call 911 for heat stroke and get to a shady, cool place right away. While you wait for medical help, try to lower your body’s core temperature by placing ice packs on the neck, groin and armpits, and immersing yourself in cool water. Take off any soaked clothes and drink fluids—especially those with salt, like sports drinks.

If you’re a child or an older adult, or have a long-term health problem, such as diabetes or heart problems, you may be at higher risk for heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Wear lightweight, light-colored, loose clothing and a wide-brimmed hat in hot weather, and avoid strenuous activity during the hottest times of day. Drink plenty of fluids—including water, fruit juice and vegetable juices—and replace lost salt.

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