How to Get Rid of StumbleUpon Toolbar

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

StumbleUpon was a Web site and toolbar that allowed users to select webpages they were interested in seeing. When the "Stumble!" button was pushed, the system would then open up a semi-random webpage or video that matched the interests of the user. The site also provided a virtual community through which the webpages could be discussed, and other users were able to share their own interesting Web content with others.

A person can use the thumbs up or thumbs down buttons in the SU toolbar to rate pages they encounter. These ratings help the SU system to determine which types of pages the individual would like to see again and which ones he or she would prefer to avoid. A person can also choose to tag pages that he or she particularly likes so the page will be easier to find when searching within the site's library.

When sharing content with other StumbleUpon users, it's important to keep a level of etiquette in mind. For example, it is not appropriate to bombard others with too many links to the same page or videos. If a person continually sends shares to others, the other person will eventually become annoyed with it and may unfollow that person or block him or her from their own toolbar. The same is true for sending a lot of thumbs up or down to other users.

David Sunnyside
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