How to Get to the Hive in World of Warcraft

June 17, 2023
David Sunnyside

There are a couple of ways to get to the hive. The first way is to use a trap and wait until night, when all the bees are back in the hive. The other is to go on a day when it is hot or humid and move the beehive by hand. This can be done incrementally, moving the hive a few feet each day. If you do this, be sure to close the entrance to the hive when all the bees are back in at night.

If you do not have the Tram Pass or have a weapon that allows you to wall jump (Shade Soul, Monarch Wings, or Vengeful Spirit), then you will need to find another way into The Hive. This is a fairly difficult early game dungeon that provides some useful UT abilities and a stat pot, so it is worth trying to get through it. The main challenge is dealing with the bees, who deal high amounts of damage and can quickly overwhelm you if they get too close. Also, the layout of the dungeon can be tricky and there are patches of honey on the floor, making movement more difficult.

The best way to get to the hive is through the secret section located at the entrance to Kingdom’s Edge. To access this, head back to Kingdom’s Edge and slam the ground in front of the breakable wall just before it. This will open a small section that contains a Grub, a Mask Shard, and a Beeblood charm that heals over time.

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