How to Get YouTube Premium For Free

December 27, 2023
David Sunnyside

YouTube is one of the most popular video platforms for viral videos, memes and new music releases. But, as a business, YouTube still needs to make money and that means ads. YouTube Premium is a subscription service that removes ads from the platform and offers other features. However, the cost of this service can add up and that’s why many people are looking for ways to get youtube premium for free.

YouTube Premium is a subscription-based service that was first introduced as "YouTube Red" in 2014 and later renamed to its current name. It's a monthly fee for access to ad-free content and additional features, including background play and downloading videos. You can try a one-month trial of YouTube Premium by visiting the YouTube application, clicking on your profile image or the person icon in the top right corner and selecting "Upgrade to YouTube Premium".

If you're a student, you can save 15% off the yearly plan with your valid school ID or e-mail address. Alternatively, you can sign up for a free account by using a referral link from a current subscriber.

Another way to get youtube premium for free is through the Together Price service which allows users to share their subscription with up to five friends or family members. Users can sign up for a free trial through the website and share their code with others to get YouTube Premium for a discounted rate of just $3.83 a month.

David Sunnyside
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