How to Hack Screen Time With Ease

March 5, 2024
David Sunnyside

Apple’s Screen Time feature aims to assuage parents’ digital concerns by giving them control over their kids’ phone use. But it’s no match for motivated smart kids who’re determined to break through its constraints in every way possible.

Whether it’s using an alternate app to access their favorite website or tricking Siri into bypassing their screen time restrictions, these ingenious methods can put kids at risk of exposure to graphic, sexualized content and even online predators. While the best comprehensive strategy is to talk with kids about the risks and integrate physical activity into their daily routine, there are also technological tactics that can help parents fight back against their little online Houdinis.

One of the most common tricks children can use to hack screen time is to simply delete and reinstall an app that’s been restricted by their parent’s settings. Doing so breaks the code that imposes the limit and gives them free rein to use the application at will.

Another method to hack screen time is to record your child’s screen by using the Control Center feature. This can help them gain access to their iPhone’s message page without having to type in their passcode. However, you’d want to confirm that your kid can still access their messages in advance of this workaround.

Another option is to use MagFone iPhone Unlocker, which is a simple yet efficient tool that can remove the screen time passcode quickly and efficiently. The process requires only three steps and doesn’t result in any data loss, which makes it a highly reliable solution for iPhone users.

David Sunnyside
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