How to have more visits on your site? | 3 Key Steps

November 25, 2022

Have you invested body and soul in writing your website? And yet, its visibility and attendance do not meet your expectations? Do not panic! There are simple and effective ways to get more visits to your site. Here are three key steps that are sure to increase your organic traffic. 

1. Analyze and plan your content using an SEO audit

In order to save time, start by making a precise analysis of your website! Indeed, there are no miracle recipes to increase the audience of a site or a blog. Only a detailed audit can determine the potential and areas for improvement of your website. Depending on your skills and your means, you can either try to do it yourself, or delegate this task to a professional.

Make an SEO expertise yourself

There are a number of online tools that allow you to analyze the capabilities of a website. It is still necessary to understand the results and know how to use them wisely. Take the example of Google's free tools, namely Analytics and Search Console. In particular, you will find out which pages are attracting the most visitors and which are not working as expected. You also learn which key queries generate the most visits to your website. But what to do next? What actions should be taken based on these purely statistical results? The answers are not obvious and often require an excellent understanding of SEO as well as a great deal of experience. Many break their teeth there and, moreover, isn't that one of the reasons that pushed you to read this article?

Delegate the SEO audit to a professional

Not only do you save time by delegating this task, but you also get a clear and efficient action plan. You can then apply a concrete strategy allowing you to boost visits to your website. If you want to reach your goal quickly, just take five minutes to assemble your team. You are thus guaranteed to know how to generate more visitors to your site, in a serene and efficient way. Of course, this requires a certain initial budget. But remember why you want to increase visits to your site? This is an investment that will then allow you to increase your turnover. Do not miss the following and you will know some essential steps proposed during an SEO audit.

2. Take concrete action to have more visits to your website

Now here are some examples of what a professional can suggest to increase organic traffic. Again, if you are not sure of yourself, do not deprive yourself of the support of an SEO specialist.

Optimize content

First of all, if you haven't already, it's high time to start your blog! Indeed, it allows you to position yourself as an expert fiction ghostwriter in your field. Plus, you show search engines that your site is up to date. At the same time, you retain your audience, which helps improve your regular traffic. Then, depending on the popularity of certain topics, you can take concrete action.

First, the structure of some of your articles may need improvement. Focus on the key queries that bring you the most visits. Also, consider developing a specific and varied vocabulary (semantic field) in your publications. Be aware, however, that this is trial and error, and sometimes you might even temporarily see traffic to your site drop. Do not be discouraged! Be patient and keep working in this direction, because in the end your efforts will be rewarded. 

Respect an editorial schedule

When you regularly post quality content, you’re ranking on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) naturally improves. By developing and respecting an editorial calendar, that is to say a publication schedule, you put the odds on your side to achieve your goal. A dynamic site, which offers qualitative articles on key queries, sees its natural traffic increase rapidly.

At the same time, focus on user experience (UX for experts). Indeed, this factor is increasingly taken into account for natural referencing. So, remember to adapt the readability of your articles to the different digital reading media. Also refine the internal mesh, which, at the same time, will decrease the bounce rate. However, keep in mind that all these actions require precise and meticulous work corresponding to the job of web editor specializing in SEO.

3. Share on social networks to increase organic traffic

If you follow the advice, you have just read, you are already increasing your traffic considerably. But there is still an essential step to boost your audience: make yourself known! Use social media effectively by developing a real marketing strategy.

Discover your competitors and your audience

Start by doing a full market analysis to know where you are standing. Discover your competitors and observe how they act. What networks do they use and how? Do some have great results while others don't? Take inspiration from the best to use the different platforms wisely. Take an interest in your audience too! It is essential to know who you are talking to and what their preferences are. Thus, in order to satisfy your target audience, you adapt your content and significantly increase the interest of your readers.

Set your goals

Your desire is clear, you want to get more visitors to your website! To be certain that your goal is achievable, consider using the "SMART" method (acronym for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound). Measure it by focusing, for example, on conversion rate and SEO. To achieve it, you just need to apply what you are reading in this article. Based on your knowledge of the market, you are then able to have a realistic ambition. Finally, set a specific time to get there and plan your actions accordingly.

Establish a content calendar

Now that your goal is “SMART” and you are aware of the market, you can then define an efficient and adapted publication schedule. Remember that in addition to providing quality information, you need to vary your content and schedule your announcements at the right times. If you're new to digital social media marketing, the three-thirds method can be very effective in increasing your organic traffic. It is an equal variation of generalist, specialized and interactive information. You thus offer your audience diversity while bringing them regularly to your website.

Here are three key steps that allow you to have more visits to your website. And it's even quite easy to apply! Indeed, it is enough to analyze and plan, act accordingly and share on social networks. Obviously, this requires more or less time, certain skills or an adequate budget. So, remember why you found and read this article. What made you want to increase your organic traffic? If you manage to boost your audience, what will be the benefits for you? We are here to meet your needs and have all the capabilities that interest you. Find the talent that suits you and you will quickly realize that at Web you don't spend your money, you invest it!


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