How to Heal Pokemon in Pokémon GO

March 5, 2024
David Sunnyside

After a battle with a powerful opponent, it’s not uncommon for your Pokemon to lose some health. Unlike in the main series Pokemon games, where you can visit a PokeCenter to have your injured Pokemon healed by Nurse Joy, trainers in Pokémon GO must utilize items like Potions and Revives to heal their Pokemon after battles. These items are found by spinning PokeStops, fighting in Gyms, participating in Raids, completing Special Research tasks, raising your trainer level and receiving gifts from friends.

Potions heal Pokemon, restoring a portion of its maximum HP. Players can also obtain regular and Max Revives, which revive a Pokemon from fainting. These items work in similar ways, though a standard revive only restores half of the Pokemon’s maximum HP and requires a higher Trainer level than a Potion.

To use a Potion or Revive, select the item from your Bag of Items and then select an injured or fainted Pokemon to heal them. This will open up a page that shows the Pokemon’s HP percentage and a button to heal it. Alternatively, you can select the Pokemon’s Poke Ball icon on the overworld map to heal it directly.

Using Potions to heal a Pokemon is quick and easy. However, it’s best to be sure that your Pokemon is at full health before putting it into a battle, as it will only get more and more damaged during the fight if it has less than 100 percent HP. Eventually, your Pokemon will lose so much HP that it will begin to faint and can’t be healed by using a Potion or Revive.

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