How to Hide Likes on Twitter

March 18, 2024
David Sunnyside

When you like a tweet on twitter, it shows up in your “likes” tab and becomes visible to anyone who visits your profile. Whether you’re using your twitter account for professional purposes, or simply want to control your online privacy, hiding your likes can help protect you from negative perceptions and unwanted spam. However, it is important to remember that complete privacy cannot be guaranteed in the digital world. If you choose to hide your likes, you must take additional steps to minimize your digital footprint.

How To Hide Likes On Twitter

As a Twitter user, you may often find yourself liking tweets from different accounts. Often, these tweets are from accounts you follow or that contain controversial topics. When you like a post, it is publicly displayed on your Twitter X (formerly known as Twitter Blue) account and can be easily discerned by others. This can lead to misunderstandings and negatively impact your online image.

Fortunately, Twitter X users can now hide their Likes tab from public view. This early access feature is accessible by navigating to the quick navigation panel on the left of their profile. Once accessed, users can select a profile customization option to enable the hide Likes tab.

Moreover, you can also manually unlike the posts you’ve liked on your twitter account to delete them. This can save you hours and days of scrolling through your likes list and finding the ones you no longer want to be visible on your profile. To dislike posts, you must navigate to the menu on the top left and click the “Unlike” button. You can then search and filter the post using free-text to locate the ones you wish to delete.

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