How to Hide Retakes on Real

August 20, 2023
David Sunnyside

A lot of people are wondering how to hide retakes on bereal. After all, retakes are meant to discourage users from retaking their post over and over again so that the app doesn’t become another social media platform filled with excessively edited pictures of people. However, there are a few ways to manipulate the system and hide your retake count without anyone knowing.

Those curious to know whether or not their friends have hidden their retakes on bereal can easily check. As long as they have ten or more friends on the app, their friends will be able to view the retake count of a specific photo by clicking the three-dot icon located next to a post. This will bring up a pop-up that details the number of retakes that a certain photo has had on bereal.

If you want to see your friend’s retake count, you can also check it by tapping the timestamp of their post. This will give you a detailed list of all the stats that the photo has had on bereal such as how many comments and realmoji reactions it has received as well as its retake count.

One of the easiest ways to keep your retake count down on bereal is by closing the app after you take each shot. This way, the retake counter won’t increase and you can be sure that your first picture will always be your best one. This method also works for video editing on bereal since you can trim your footage after recording to remove any unnecessary sections of the clip that you don’t want to post on the platform.

David Sunnyside
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