How to Hide Your Phone in Class

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

Most schools have rules about students using their phones in class. However, there are plenty of ways for them to hide their phones in class without getting caught.

Among the most common tricks for hiding your phone in class is to put it inside a book. You can use an old dictionary or a textbook that you don’t plan to read and make the center big enough to fit your phone. You should also turn on the silent mode of your phone. Then place the book inside your backpack, and you’ll be almost invisible.

Another method to hide your phone in class is to put it in a pencil pouch. It’s important that the pouch is dark in color to reduce the visibility of your phone. You can even find one that matches your phone to make it less visible. Then you can put it in your backpack or under your desk.

You can also wear a hoodie with pockets and put your phone in there. Just be careful not to make any weird movements that would draw the attention of your teacher.

Some teachers are more prone to confiscating students’ phones than others. But you can avoid having your phone taken away if you follow school policy, look focused, and participate in class.

If you get caught, make sure to apologize and promise that you’ll never use your phone in class again. Then, the teacher may pardon you and give you back your phone the same day. Otherwise, it may stay with the school until the end of the term or session.

David Sunnyside
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