How to Inflate Your Belly Fast

August 20, 2023
David Sunnyside

Your stomach gets bloated when gas or water collects in it, creating a bulge. Some foods encourage bloating, including processed carbohydrates and simple sugars (like those found in packaged foods) that your small intestine can't digest properly. They are then fermented by bacteria in your colon, which produces gas. Other causes of bloating include excess sodium and fluid retention.

There is no quick fix for belly fat, but making some small changes in your diet and lifestyle over time can help you lose it faster. Studies show that a combination of regular exercise, including cardio like jogging and strength training, combined with a healthy eating plan can help you trim visceral fat and lose your belly. Spot exercises, like sit-ups, are great for tightening abdominal muscles, but won't get at the underlying fat that's contributing to your belly size.

To help get your bloated belly under control, try this gentle twisting exercise: Sit with your legs extended in front of you, then bend your right knee so it's close to your body and position your left heel on the floor behind you. Straighten your back, then turn your torso to the right, reaching your left elbow out over the bent knee to place it on the outside of the right leg. Repeat on the other side. This stretch and compression helps massage the digestive organs and reduces bloat.

David Sunnyside
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