How to Know Which Generation iPad You Have

August 20, 2023
David Sunnyside

Whether you're getting your iPad repaired or are curious if your tablet will be compatible with the next version of iOS, it's essential to know which generation you have. And though it's easy to tell most of the differences by external features, it can be more difficult with a couple of models that look very similar.

One way to tell is by the model number, which can be found in Settings (Settings > General > About), or printed on the back of the tablet. The model number starts with an "A" and is followed by four numbers. If you're not comfortable with reading technical specs, or your iPad is so scratched that you can't read it anymore, there are other clues to help you determine the generation. For example, older iPads have an old 30-pin dock, and the most recent Pro models (both sizes from 2020 and 2021) have twin cameras on the rear.

The easiest way to identify your iPad model is using the Settings app. In the "General" section, you should see a friendly name for your device on the line labeled "Model Name," which should appear next to the "A" part number (if present). If it's not there, tap the "Model Number" field to reveal the full model number.

If you can't find the "Model Number" field, or your model number isn't in the above list, you can use our tables below to figure out which iPad you have. Simply enter your model number, or press Ctrl+F on PC or Command+F on Mac, into the search field and our tables will give you an immediate answer.

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