How to Leave a Compliment on Uber

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

Have you ever had an Uber driver who just made your ride that much better? Maybe their choice of music was spot on, or perhaps they struck up a lively conversation that brightened the mood. Uber knows that these kinds of interactions are what make rides enjoyable and has introduced a new feature that allows riders to show their appreciation.

Instead of simply rating the rider out of five stars, the app now offers a prompt that asks the user to give a compliment. If they do, the driver gets a notification on their home screen that says “Thanks for the awesome trip!” along with a badge that shows up in their profile. Uber explains that this lets drivers know what they did right (like expertly navigating the city streets or striking up a great chat) and encourages them to continue providing amazing rides.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can also leave a tip, which is a separate transaction from the ride fare. The Uber app has a built-in tip calculator that provides an instant estimate based on the percentage you want to give your driver.

While it may seem a bit pointless to have a separate compliment feature in the Uber app when everyone already knows to tip their taxi or car service drivers, it does provide an additional option for people who may be too shy to mention their feelings after the ride is over. That said, we're sure many users will still opt for a traditional cash tip when the opportunity arises.

David Sunnyside
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