How to Level Up in Bloodborne

March 19, 2024
David Sunnyside

Bloodborne is a great entry in the Souls series of games by FromSoftware. It challenges the player in a big way and sometimes it can be hard to level up fast enough. The game uses a currency called Blood Echoes which drops from enemies and can be farmed by going back to certain areas and defeating enemies.

There are several ways to level up in Bloodborne but the best way is by grinding and farming a bit. The game has a lot of areas where you can go back and get some good bang for your buck on Blood Echoes so it is worth grinding some of those areas again.

The first thing you need to consider is what stats you want to level up. There are a few that are very important and one of them is Vitality (VIT). This directly increases your HP which is a very important statistic in this game since it will help you to survive if you make mistakes. A beginner should probably focus on maxing this stat out to around 50 or so, anything more will likely not increase your damage much. The other major one is Endurance, which increases your stamina and resistances. This is very useful especially as a newbie to stop you from being one shot by a Netherbeast with a hemorrhoid problem.

There are also a few other stats that you can level up, but those will depend on what kind of build you have and the equipment you want to use. For example, Strength is a very important stat in this game but once you hit the first soft cap of 25 you will not see much increase in damage per level.

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