How to Load a Paper Pro Stapler

July 16, 2023
David Sunnyside

Whether you’re compiling important documents at the office, bundling coupons in a retail store or consolidating research at a university, the stapler is one of the most useful tools in any workplace. This versatile paper fastener can secure almost any stack of papers and provides a professional finish to any project.

Staplers are available in a variety of styles and features, but all work in the same basic way. They contain a metal magazine that holds staples and a handle that is used to push them through the stack of papers. The legs of the staple are then folded behind the crown, securing the papers together. The stapling process is quick and easy, and requires minimal effort.

The best staplers for offices and schools offer a number of convenience features that make stapling tasks easier and more efficient. Many models include a built-in staple remover that makes it simple to remove a stuck staple and reposition it. Some also have a flat base to minimize space required on the desktop. A few models are designed to staple up to 100 pages or more at once, while others feature long throats to accommodate thicker stacks. Some also have a removable cover to protect the user’s fingers from the sharp edges of the staple ejection gap.

To ensure that your stapler performs at its best, it’s important to use the correct staples for your needs. There are many different types of staples available, and each requires a specific sized stapler to work properly. The best staples for offices are high quality, standard-sized, full strip staples. They’re available in half strip and full strip lengths, and bundled in packs of 210 staples per strip.

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