How to Load a PaperPro Stapler

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

The PaperPro inPOWER+ Black/Silver One-Finger 28-Sheet Desktop Stapler features a streamlined design that makes stapling 80 percent easier and jam-free. Its innovative One-Finger technology enables you to staple with the push of one finger, making it ideal for use in midair or while holding in your palm. An integrated staple remover allows for quick fixes and the base compartment keeps extra staples on hand for immediate reloading. The lightweight, compact construction is suitable for desktops and tabletops.

How to load a paperpro stapler

To load this stapler, pull the top portion open at a nearly 180-degree angle. Load a strip of standard staples so that the stapler legs are straddling the staple pusher guide, then slide the top portion back down into place over the carrier and fold it closed. You will hear a click when it is ready to use.

If you encounter a jam, try placing something round, like a pencil or pen, between the base and the metal part that holds the staples. This may force the staple out and clear the jam. If this does not work, you will need to take out the staple with needlenose pliers.

If you have a smaller project, this compact stapler can also be used as a bulletin board stapler and opens flat for tacking items to the wall. It uses half strips of standard staples and is a great choice for use at home, work or school. Its small size makes it easy to grab and can fit in a bag or backpack. This desktop stapler also has a nonslip base and a smooth, curved handle that fits in the curve of your hand.

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