How to Lock Screen on Youtube

November 27, 2023
David Sunnyside

YouTube is a popular video platform for information, entertainment and video songs. It is a great source of fun and learning for children. But if you are watching videos with your kids, it is very easy for them to accidentally close a video or skip a playlist. There is also the risk of them giving unwanted YouTube likes and subscribing to other channels. You can avoid such incidents by using lock screen on youtube.

There are some third-party apps that allow you to lock the screen while watching a video. But they are not as effective as your phone’s built-in features.

Android phones have a feature called “screen pinning” that allows you to pin any app, including YouTube. This method prevents accidental taps and can help you stay focused on your videos. But it is not available in all versions of the YouTube app.

iPhones have a built-in feature that lets you lock the screen while watching a video. To enable this, launch the YouTube app and select a video you want to watch. Press the side button three times, or the Home button if you have an iPhone with Face ID. A message will appear asking you to set a passcode, which is required to unlock the screen and exit YouTube.

Once you’ve set a passcode, you can start watching your favorite videos without worrying about interruptions. Just make sure that you set a passcode that only you know.

David Sunnyside
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