How to Lock Tesla Model 3 With Key Card

January 7, 2024
David Sunnyside

The Tesla Model 3 is a groundbreaking electric car that features an innovative keyless entry system and sophisticated security features. It's important to understand the various methods available for locking your Tesla model 3. This article will explore different auto-lock options and the process of manually locking your car from inside or outside your vehicle. It will also help you resolve common issues with your car's lock mechanism.

How to Lock Tesla Model 3 with Key Card

Tesla provides a key card that communicates with Model 3 using short-range radio-frequency identification (RFID) signals. It can be used to "authenticate" a phone key to work with the vehicle or as a backup in situations where your authenticated phone has a dead battery or is lost or stolen. To use a key card to lock or unlock your vehicle, simply position the key card against the designated area on the driver's side door pillar. When the car recognizes the key card, the exterior lights flash, and the door handle dings or closes if the Fold Mirrors or Auto-Unlock feature is enabled.

It's a good idea to keep your key card in your wallet, as it is an important back-up if you're unable to access or start your vehicle using your phone or key fob. You can even use a key card as a temporary replacement for your phone if you're using an NFC-enabled app that supports it.

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