How to Loosen Kanken Mini Straps

August 20, 2023
David Sunnyside

Originally designed to prevent back problems among school children in 1978, Fjallraven’s Kanken mini backpacks have become a go-to for travelers, hikers and commuters everywhere. The squarish, 7-liter pack can fit a small tablet, a book or two and plenty of snacks. And like its bigger brother, the kanken classic, it has a foam pad in the back that doubles as a comfortable seat. Its price tag might scare off the casual observer, but for those who’ve seen their kids thrash cheap backpacks into oblivion on the road, it’s not crazy to shell out seventy bones for this Swedish bag.

The kanken mini’s magic comes from its vinylon f fabric, which is water resistant and durable — perfect for those inevitable leaks that happen when your kid forgets to tighten the water bottle lid or puts in a wet bathing suit. Plus, unlike cheaper backpacks that droop when wet, the kanken will keep its shape.

The nylon straps on the kanken are long and adjustable and can be fastened with a little clasp. They can even extend to fit an adult if your kid grows up and you decide to take turns carrying it around town (or the airport). The only downside is that the straps don’t have much padding so the back of the sack gets pretty beat up if you’re trekking through cobblestone alleyways or up hills. The kanken also doesn’t have hip or sternum straps or a lumbar support system, but it’s not designed for expeditions and just wants to be an everyday bag for day trips and local adventures.

David Sunnyside
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