How to Make a Axe Bomb

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

The axe bomb is a classic locker room prank. It involves spraying a large amount of Axe body spray in a public area. This will cause the smell to persist for days, and will make many people not want to be near you.

To make this prank you will need a can of Axe spray deodorant, duct tape, and a lighter. The first thing to do is take the Axe spray bottle and rip off the nub at the top of the cap (optional). Then cut off one of the upper corners of a plastic sandwich bag. This will create a hole for the vinegar.

Next, add a little baking soda. Then pour in the vinegar. Add as much as you like, but be careful not to fill it up too high. This is to prevent the can from exploding before you are ready. Now, stuff the Axe soaked paper in the can. The paper should be dense, but you need air in between each piece.

Finally, duct tape the lid closed. This will hold in the air pressure created inside and make the can explode when you are done. Now all you need is a non idiotic friend to act as a witness, take video, and generally look out for you. You might also want to bring a fire extinguisher and some rubber gloves (optional).

This is a great prank, but be careful if you do it in a populated area. If you do not cover up your tracks, you will get in big trouble.

David Sunnyside
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