How to Make a Composter in Minecraft

October 5, 2023
Justin Lumiere

how to make a composter in minecraft

Composters are blocks that turn food and crops items into bone meal, an in-game fertilizer used to boost crop growth. Crafting one requires seven wooden slabs arranged U-shape on a crafting table.

Each food or plant item has a certain percentage chance of adding compost to the block, and when full, will release bone meal into its compartment.

Wooden Slabs

Players in Minecraft can create a composter by placing seven wooden slabs together into one crafting table, obtained by cutting down trees with wood-based pickaxes in the Overworld and gathering wood from these cuts to form new slabs for use as part of this crafting table's layout. When finished, these slabs can then be placed together into an enclosed composting bin for use as part of its interior layout.

Once a composter is constructed, it can be set up anywhere around the world and filled with food and plant items from anywhere around the globe. Over time, its process will produce bone meal which can help accelerate plant growth.

To create a composter in Minecraft, arrange seven wooden blocks in a U shape around the outside of your crafting grid, leaving an unoccupied square and second box from the top row open. Oak or eucalyptus timber blocks work best.

Each block added to a composter has an equal chance of creating a different level of compost, from 30%-100%; lower tiers tend to create items more quickly. Once it has reached seven tiers, however, players can use it to obtain one bone meal item; further production won't occur until more raw materials are added to the bin.


Composters are an effective way to enhance the overall quality of crops in Minecraft, providing players with an efficient means of recycling plant materials into bone meal that can then be used as fertilizer for most plants. Before collecting materials for crafting one however, players need to learn how to create one first.

To create a composter in Minecraft, players will first need seven wooden slabs from any type of wood available in-game and harvest them from trees in the Overworld. When they have their supplies ready, they can arrange them into a U-shape on the Crafting Table to build their composter.

Once a composter is created, it can be filled with any item that can be processed into bone meal. Items like seeds, rotten flesh and even mushroom blocks may all be placed into it to turn them into bone meal for recycling purposes. It should be noted that different items have different chances of increasing its compost levels.

Prioritize items such as rotted flesh and seeds over other food to get the most from your composter. Furthermore, players should try placing it near a village so villagers can access it easily.

Bone Meal

Composters are versatile blocks in Minecraft that recycle food and plant items into bone meal, which can then be used for dye production or as fertilizer for crops and plants, helping accelerate their growth. Composters may also be useful in crafting certain armor and structures.

To create a composter, players require wood of any kind - this may come from cutting down trees or looting chests and containers in villages. Once enough wood has been acquired, players can transform it into planks via crafting tables before stacking these planks in a U-shape to form the composter.

A Composter can then be placed anywhere - be it modern Minecraft houses or natural treehouses. When someone adds compostable items into the Composter, its green hue will change and show that new layers of compost have been added, which can be seen using right-click.

To use a composter, simply place any item from your inventory into it, right click and release. This will automatically recycle it into bone meal. This works well with anything from cacti to pumpkins to even bread!

Redstone Torches

Composters in Minecraft are blocks that turn food and plants into bone meal, an essential ingredient used for fertilizing crops. Composters are essential if you plan to grow anything organic in Minecraft as they increase both growth speed and yield of all organic items. Prior to recently, players needed to gather this ingredient from bone skeletons which dropped them, however now with the introduction of this composter block this process is much faster and simpler.

To build a composter, players must first stack seven wooden slabs in an overlapping U shape in the crafting table. When completed, it will appear in the result box and can then be moved directly to inventory space or placed anywhere from modern houses to natural treehouses.

The composter allows players to place any food or plant material into it for conversion into bone meal, with the chance of success depending on its value - grass, berries and seeds are more difficult to compost than larger items like cacti or vines. Furthermore, players can access it more conveniently using its built-in hopper that will funnel out its produce straight into their chest.

Beyond its core functions, a composter can also serve a number of other functions, including altering villager professions and setting up automatic farms. To do this, place it near a villager who has chosen farmer as their profession, and select it as their job site.

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