How to Make a DIY Sex Doll

July 16, 2023
David Sunnyside

You can find a variety of ready-made sex dolls on the market that are quite expensive, but it's fun to make your own for cheaper. In these times of lockdowns, a homemade sex doll is an inexpensive way to have fun in the privacy of your own home. If you decide to dress your mannequin in lingerie or sexy fantasy outfits, put make-up on her face, give her a manicure or buy ready-made stick on nails for an instant sex doll manicure or pedicure, the possibilities are endless.

To build your sex doll's arms, take the catsuit and lay it out on a large flat surface to work with. Unzip the catsuit as far down as you can, so you have easy access to the arm and leg holes. Take your shorter kitchen towel and slide it into the sleeve at the wrist opening. Push it in firmly and shape it by squeezing and adjusting the towel. Repeat this step on the other side. The fact that the arms are 2 towels separate from each other gives your sex doll a life-size feeling and allows them to bend easily.

To create the legs, you'll need four bath towels. Using the same technique as above, roll each towel into a tube shape. Place tape around each to keep it from coming apart. The two larger towels serve as the lower legs and the smaller ones are used for the upper legs. Using the same method as assembling the arms, secure each rolled towel with flex tape on the inside of your sex doll's body. This will allow the legs to bend, so your doll can stand or sit on her thighs.

David Sunnyside
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