How to Make a Sexdoll

August 20, 2023
David Sunnyside

Sex dolls are a fun way to fulfill your fantasies while still remaining safe and healthy. They also allow for the user to control the experience by varying the length and depth of penetration. Sexdolls have become a popular option for those who are unable to meet or engage in sex with people due to sexual or physical limitations. They also serve to help ease the anxiety of those who are afraid or nervous about sex with their partners.

To make a sexdoll, begin by finding a male or female torso. The one listed in this article is pinnable, allowing for easy attachment of a mannequin head. It is also very inexpensive and much less expensive than silicone or TPE dolls.

Next, create the arms by rolling hand towels tightly. Experiment with different lengths and thicknesses, but the upper arm should be thicker than the forearm. For the legs, take bath or beach towels and roll them up tightly. Once rolled, tape the ends to hold them closed and set them aside.

For the feet, use cosmetic hands or feet that are the same skin tone as your sex doll. Then, for each foot, roll the pant leg up a little, exposing a few inches of towel. Then work the feet into the rolled towel and secure with flex tape. Repeat for the other leg. Once all of the parts have been assembled, it is time to attach them to the torso. To do this, use a large safety pin to secure the mannequin head to the torso.

David Sunnyside
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