How to Make a Sexdoll

February 8, 2024
David Sunnyside

People own sex dolls for a variety of reasons. Some find sex dolls fun and enjoyable, and others use them for medical purposes or to help with social anxiety. Regardless of the reason, sex dolls are great toys that can be used as a substitute for human companionship or to practice fantasies that would be difficult or impossible to have in real life. In this article, we will show you how to make a sexdoll that can be as realistic or as fake as you want. We will also show you a way to make the doll more sexually appealing with duct tape, a wig and a Fleshlight pocket pussy.

First, take a king-size pillow and place it on top of a smaller throw pillow. Make sure the pillows are flush with each other and fluff them up so they are nice and full. Next, use duct tape to hold the potato chip can in the center of the larger pillow, close to the seam. This will form the ass of your sex doll.

Now, to make the legs, you can use a pair of leggings or pants you don’t wear anymore. Alternatively, you can buy a set of mannequin feet that look incredibly realistic and are very inexpensive. Once you have your legs made, you can begin making the arms of your sex doll. Use bath or beach towels and roll them tightly. Experiment with different lengths and thicknesses. You’ll need the upper arms to be thicker than the lower arms.

David Sunnyside
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