How to Make an Axe Bomb in Breath of the Wild

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

Axe Bomb

The act of spraying large amounts of a popular spray deodorant (Axe Body Spray) in a room where lots of people pass through. It is done before anyone is around, preferably at night. It is a popular prank among teenagers. It is sometimes referred to as an Axe firebomb.

In Breath of the Wild, axes were useful weapons to have, but not something that Link would carry in his inventory most of the time - unless it was for chopping down trees or setting up makeshift bridges in the Tarrey Town quest. It's quite different in Tears of the Kingdom, where players will be using axes a lot more frequently than their swords or bows. This is partly due to the Fuse ability, which gives players the option of fusing any weapon with a Stone and creating a new axe.

This is a great way to get an axe with high damage and durability, especially if you have been grinding for the Iron or Blackmetal axes. It also comes in handy for players who want to use the axe for harvesting and chopping down tree stumps that are too low to hit with a regular swing.

Axes are also the best weapon to use when it comes to breaking down doors, dealing 35 damage per hit. They're also an ideal tool for chopping down trees, and can be used to create wood planks or cut logs into smaller pieces.

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