How to Make Napalm at Home

November 16, 2023
David Sunnyside

Napalm is an extremely dangerous weapon that was used in the Vietnam war and is known for being horribly effective. It can cause a deep burn that incinerates anything that it touches and is very hard to extinguish once it starts burning. Napalm also releases toxic fumes that make it difficult for people to breathe and can lead to long-term lung-related problems.

The good news is that it's easy enough to make napalm in your own home, but it should be handled with extreme care because it can be very deadly. You'll need a few ingredients to make it, including gasoline and Styrofoam.

First, you'll need to fill a large bucket or bowl about halfway with gasoline. Add a small amount of Styrofoam to the mixture and stir. The styrofoam will dissolve into the gasoline, creating a thick, jelly-like substance. Once the styrofoam is fully dissolved, pour out the extra gasoline leaving only the napalm.

You can use the napalm as you would any other grenade or bullet, but be careful because it is very dangerous when lit. It can explode or burn you if you come into direct contact with it, and it will also stick to your skin causing painful burns. The burning napalm can also emit toxic fumes that can be very difficult to breathe, and it's hard to extinguish once it catches fire.

To use the napalm, attach a fuse to the top of the bottle and light it before lobbing or shooting at your target. You should store the napalm in a metal container, and keep it away from sources of ignition or any objects that can catch fire. It should also be stored in a well-ventilated area because it will release gasses that are toxic to breathe.

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