How to Make PDF on iPhone

November 6, 2023
David Sunnyside

PDF is a great file format that can be opened on nearly any device. Its small file size and universal compatibility make it a popular choice for sharing documents, images, forms, or even entire web pages with others. It's especially useful when you want to ensure that your message will look exactly the same for everyone that receives it.

Whether you have a form or document in text or image format, it's easy to convert them into a PDF using the free tools provided by Apple and third-party services. However, what happens when you need to create a PDF from a photo or screenshot? Fortunately, Apple makes this process quick and simple without the need for installing any additional apps.

The native Photos app on iPhone offers a handy built-in feature that allows you to make PDFs by printing your gallery photos without the need for a printer. The result is a flattened PDF document that has the same appearance of a printed document. This is a great option to quickly share an image or screenshot with someone else, especially if the recipient is on another platform that doesn't support other formats such as JPG or PNG.

The Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad also has a great feature for creating PDFs in a few seconds. If you're on a website that doesn't offer a dedicated PDF download option, simply enable Readers Mode by tapping the icon at the left side of the address bar. This will remove all the unnecessary clutter on the page to improve readability and reduce the number of pages in the PDF document. Once the PDF is ready, you can tap the Share button and send it through your email app of choice or on any social media or messenger platforms that support PDFs.

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