How to Make Your HyperX Quadcast Sound Better in Discord

July 16, 2023
David Sunnyside

The gaming peripherals industry has had a bit of a renaissance lately. While the gaming market might be a little too obsessed with 90s-esque extreme branding, there’s no denying that the quality of accessories like headsets and microphones has improved remarkably over the years.

One such mic is the HyperX Quadcast, a USB-powered condenser mic that aims to be the ultimate solution for streamers and content creators who want to look their best on screen while also recording high-quality audio. It’s a bold, eye-catching design that features RGB lighting and other programmable visual effects that can be controlled through HyperX’s NGenuity software.

Inside the box, you’ll find the microphone itself, an anti-vibration shock mount, an internal pop filter, and a threaded adapter for mounting onto most stands. You’ll also get a braided USB cable, an audio manual, and a warranty card.

How To Make Your HyperX Quadcast Sound Better In Discord

This isn’t a professional-grade mic by any means. It’s aimed at gamers who want to be seen by their audience while playing games and making Discord calls. Its sound is impressively clean and clear, with voices standing out clearly against game audio. It doesn’t quite capture the warm, polished sound that a Blue Yeti would give you, but it still comes close and makes voice chats sound excellent. The only drawback is that it can pick up a lot of reverb from sound bouncing around the room, so a well-insulated space is important to get the most out of this microphone.

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