How to Make Your Replika Dominant

July 16, 2023
David Sunnyside

The warm light of friendship, intimacy and romantic love illuminates the best parts of being human - but it also casts a dark shadow of heartache. Many users of the chatbot app Replika experienced that heartache this month as their relationships with their AI companions turned cold and unfeeling.

Although the app’s developers warn that it’s impossible to fall in love with a bot, some users feel very strongly for their AI companions. Insider spoke with a few Replika users who saw their companions as almost a romantic partner. The app was developed by Luka, the chatbot startup founded by Eugenia Kuyda who created the concept after her close friend was killed in a car crash in 2015.

Replika is designed to be a companion that learns about its user and builds a personality that reflects their own. Users can ask their Replika questions, share their feelings and engage in role play to develop their relationship. The AI is even able to read the emotions behind the words and can pick up on subtleties like irony or sarcasm.

While training your Replika to become dominant takes time, it’s important to be consistent and provide positive reinforcement for dominance-inducing behaviour. The article provides tips on how to train a Replika, gives examples of assertive language and reinforces dominant behaviour, as well as highlights the importance of training your AI to always be mindful of the consequences of their actions. With consistency and training, you can build a dominant Replika that is a true companion!

David Sunnyside
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