How to Mark Playlist for Offline Sync

July 30, 2023
David Sunnyside

As a Spotify Premium user, you can take your music with you by marking playlists for offline sync. Doing this tells the app to download it onto your device so you can listen even when no internet is available; your downloaded songs can then be accessed in either the Spotify app itself or other devices compatible with it - see these steps to do this yourself.

Once Spotify is up and running, log in with your account, navigate to 'Your Library' tab, and select the playlist you'd like to mark for offline sync. When the playlist opens up you will see "Download" at the end of a list of alternatives; clicking it will start downloading it; it may take some time depending on its size and internet speed; once downloaded though it will show a green arrow icon next to it in Spotify app.

Mark individual songs or albums for offline sync by clicking the three-dot icon in the top-right corner, and selecting either 'Download' or 'Add to Offline' from their menus. Or alternatively you can change all your songs' streaming Offline settings in Settings so any new music added will automatically download for offline listening.

Spotify's offline sync feature can be especially helpful for travelers and people with intermittent internet connections, who find streaming songs when offline a hassle. Plus, this can save data charges by not using your mobile data while traveling by plane or train! Plus, all devices compatible with Spotify will allow for offline use!

How to Download Playlists on Spotify for Offline Sync If you have a Spotify Premium subscription, then downloading playlists directly onto your computer and then moving them onto other devices allows you to listen offline. Unfortunately this method only applies if you have paid subscription - free users should instead consider an alternative method like SpotiKeep.

SpotiKeep is an application that allows you to convert any Spotify playlist into local files for access on any device or music player that supports Spotify. SpotiKeep offers an efficient solution for offline playlist creation because of its fast and straightforward nature; free to download and try; however if you like what you see then consider purchasing an upgrade with additional features for just $25 more per year!

Start off by opening the SpotiKeep app and logging into your Spotify account, before clicking on 'Playlists' and choosing which playlists to download for offline listening. Once downloaded, they can be played back on any device or music player that supports Spotify.

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