How to Mute All Stories on Instagram

July 16, 2023
David Sunnyside

Whether someone's posts or Stories are making you feel anxious, or your feed is simply getting too much to handle, there are ways to make the experience on Instagram more pleasant. Rather than unfollowing or blocking someone, you can instead mute their content without them knowing. That's right, you can mute all stories on instagram without them even realizing it.

Muting Stories on Instagram

When you mute someone's stories, their Instagram photos and videos won't show up in your Feed or the Instagram Explore page. You'll still follow them, and they'll be able to slide into your DMs and comment on your posts, but their stories won't appear in your Instagram home feed or in your Story highlights.

To mute someone's stories, open the Instagram app and tap the profile photo in the top of the Feed. Then, select the "Stories bar" option and tap 'Mute stories from' to choose between muting just their Stories or both Posts and Stories.

There are a few different ways to mute people's stories on instagram, depending on which platform you're using. If you're on desktop, head to the person's profile page and click the Following button — this will give you the option to mute their posts or Stories, as well as other options like muting messages, calls, and chat activity notifications.

Using the Instagram app on mobile? You can also mute Stories by tapping the profile picture in the 'Stories bar' at the top of your feed. To mute an account's posts, you'll need to go to the profile page and use the same method above.

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