How to Mute Someone on LinkedIn

July 16, 2023
David Sunnyside

When someone in your LinkedIn connections is just sharing too much or posting too often, it can be frustrating to see their content in your news feed. While you could disconnect from the person, it's easier to just mute them so you don't have to deal with their content any longer. This article will show you how to do this - and how to unmute them if you change your mind!

LinkedIn is a professional networking site designed to connect potential employers and employees with potential colleagues and clients. It works through a website and mobile apps. Like other social networks, it allows users to create profiles, post images and thoughts, and socialize with their contacts. However, it differs from other social networks in that it is primarily focused on business and employment and allows users to maximize their career opportunities through its service.

LinkedIn has recently introduced a crop of new features related to post visibility. One of these is the ability to mute a user's updates in your news feed. This is similar to unfollowing a user on Twitter and can help declutter your news feed while still allowing you to stay connected to your connections. However, unlike disconnecting or unfollowing, muting only affects posts from people that you are directly connected with. It does not affect posts from 1st or 2nd degree connections. If you want to remove a post from your news feed, hover your mouse over the update and click 'hide'.

David Sunnyside
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