How to Mute Someone on Tik Tok

July 16, 2023
David Sunnyside

If you want to stop someone from commenting on your videos on tik tok but don’t want to block them, you can choose to silence them. The person will still be able to see your profile and watch your videos, but their comments won’t appear in your feed. It’s a great way to prevent people from bothering you without blocking them completely.

The mute option is only available for live videos and stories. When you are watching a video or story, there will be a button at the top right that says “Manage.” You can select the option to mute or unmute the person. If you mute the person, their comments will be hidden from your feed until you unmute them again. This is a great option to prevent annoying or harmful comments from someone who might be following you on TikTok.

How Do You Know If Someone Muted Your Tik Tok Messages?

The main reason you might want to mute someone on tik tok is that they keep sending you messages or they are making your alerts pop up a lot. It’s also possible that they may have muted you instead of blocking you, which can cause some confusion if you’re trying to communicate with them.

If a person mutes you on tik tok, you won’t be notified that they did so. This is because it would be a breach of privacy to let you know they muted your messages.

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