How to Mute Someone on TikTok

July 13, 2023
Justin Lumiere

how to mute someone on tiktok

If someone isn't responding to your messages, they could have muted you instead of blocking you as an attempt at avoiding conflicts between users. But how can you tell if you're muted?

Muting someone on Tiktok means they won't see your message notifications or respond. It is an effective way of keeping someone from being bothersome without jeopardizing relationships.

1. Go to the person’s profile

TikTok originally launched without a mute button; as the app grew, this feature was eventually added. When users launch TikTok now, there's an automatic button that mutes all videos at launch to help prevent startling noises or unexpected distractions from disturbing the experience.

Muted users can still watch the videos on their profile and live streams; however, they will no longer receive notifications about any events taking place in real-time. If someone mutes you, look out for their comments on other videos or send them messages - that might give an indication.

By going to the Messages tab, you can mute notifications from the app. This will prevent further notifications until you revisit your settings and unmute them; this feature may come in handy if other people's videos are distracting you from working efficiently.

2. Go to the video

TikTok makes it easy to mute viewers by providing three options - report, block, and mute - from within their profile page. When muted, viewers won't be able to access your videos or comments until your chosen muting duration has run its course.

Tiktok is an addictive app that allows users to vertically scroll through short videos, like them, comment on them and share them. There are also privacy settings you can adjust on Tiktok to enhance the user experience.

If your video features music without its copyright, it is crucial that you learn how to mute it before posting it to TikTok. Doing this can prevent copyright violations and protect videos that contain copyleft songs. AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate makes this task straightforward by enabling you to synchronize audio file changes with video playback while increasing audio volume levels.

3. Go to the comments section

TikTok recently fulfilled its promise in July to livestreamers of additional methods for them to control their audiences more easily, such as temporarily muzzling an unpleasant viewer for minutes, hours, or the duration of a livestream.

Streamers can also utilize the platform settings to control comments by disabling them altogether, restrict potentially offensive keywords or block specific users entirely. Blocked users won't have any ability to interact with your videos and content at all - whether by commenting, direct messaging or following you.

TikTok comments provide an outlet for creative and entertaining conversations among fans, providing opportunities to connect and find inspiration. Sometimes a comment may simply need a response; other times it could start something much larger. To respond to a video commenter, tap the speech bubble icon and enter your response - they will receive notification that someone replied to their video comment.

4. Go to the settings

TikTok is one of the most acclaimed social media apps on the market, providing users with access to sharing videos and following others who use TikTok. In addition to sharing, the platform also offers various editing functions including muzzling video audio - an invaluable feature for people who watch a lot of videos without wanting to be startled by sudden music or noises.

On Tiktok, you can mute someone by going to their profile and tapping on the gear icon. From here, you can make adjustments in your settings that will mute the user's notifications; this won't have any adverse impact on their live streams or other content but will stop them receiving message notifications from you. If someone suddenly stops responding to your messages this could be a telltale sign they may have muted you; unfortunately this mute feature is temporary; to reinstate notifications again simply repeat these steps again.

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