How to No Clip in Video Games

July 16, 2023
David Sunnyside

In video games, "No clipping" (also spelled noclipping) is the ability to move through walls and other obstacles without breaking them. This can be used to explore areas that were not intended to be seen or to avoid enemies or obstacles. No-clipping can also be used to speed up exploration by allowing players to skip over long distances. This feature may be enabled by entering a special cheat code or using a console command.

How to no clip can vary depending on the game in question, as there are many methods available that range from downloading and using special mods or hacks to exploiting glitches within a given game. However, most of these methods are not very reliable and can cause the player to injure themselves, or even die from the extreme velocities that are required when noclipping.

One way to no-clip is by using the console command tcl ("toggle collision"). This can be done by opening up the development console in the game, typing in the command and then pressing enter. This will disable all collisions in the world, and re-enabling it will do the same thing again. Another method is to use the bind command sv_cheats 1 ("select virtual console"). This can be done by pressing the left bumper (L1/L), the bottom face button and then the right bumper (X, A) at the same time. This will allow the player to access the console and then input the noclip command.

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