How to NoClip Into the Backrooms in Real Life

July 16, 2023
David Sunnyside

Many people have fallen into the Backrooms, a dimension beyond reality that has been described as an infinite maze of offices. It is believed that this happens when one accidentally “NoClips” out of reality, similar to the glitching that occurs in video games where a character can pass through objects that are usually solid. This can be triggered by passing through walls that are a shade darker than normal or doors that seem out of place. Other signs of entering the Backrooms include a general sense of unease and areas that do not cast shadows.

The lore surrounding the Backrooms is quite complex and has spawned many videos, games, and stories. It is believed that the Backrooms can represent aspects of people’s lives. For example, shopping malls and office buildings can represent the frustration and dread that some feel over their tedious jobs. According to Kane Pixels, the creator of a popular Backrooms video, the Backrooms can also be a metaphor for the fractured memories of a time long gone by.

To escape the Backrooms, it is recommended to stay calm and make note of one’s surroundings. Panicking can cause one to lose their sense of direction and may attract unwanted entities. It is also important to stay near where one started their journey, as entering other levels can be dangerous and it will likely take a long time to reach the exit. Those who wish to explore this fascinating piece of internet folklore can play the Enter the Backrooms game, a horror short created by YouTube uploader Kane Parsons.

David Sunnyside
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