How to Noclip Out of Reality in Real Life

July 16, 2023
David Sunnyside

There are no reports of anyone successfully clipping out of reality in real life. Most people who try to noclip out of reality will simply fall through the surface they jumped on, landing in another level below. This is much like how many speedrunners accidentally break video game physics by jumping into walls or out of bounds in order to skip levels.

Those who do manage to escape the Backrooms will tell you that it is a dark, infinite maze of offices filled with terrifying monsters. The horror is so real that people have even made games based on this creepypasta theory, most notably Enter the Backrooms which was released in 2021 by Cosmic Crow Creations.

The most common way to get trapped in the Backrooms is by noclipping incorrectly. It is important to note that noclipping out of reality is dangerous because it can cause injury or sever your ties with the physical world. Incorrect noclipping can also lead to a period of darkness known as The Void. The Void is an ephemeral space that appears to be the empty extraspatial plane "in-between" all levels of the Backrooms. It is unknown whether it is possible to encounter other wanderers within The Void, or if one's individual reality might be so unique that they never experience it at all.

Noclipping out of reality should only occur if the right conditions are met. In general, this means a person will need to jump off the edge of a solid surface while moving at a high enough speed to phase through the surface. Ideally, the speed required for phasing through a surface is just below the threshold of being able to detect by the senses.

David Sunnyside
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