How to Optimize Your Instagram Business Account

December 6, 2023
Natalie Thorburn

Instagram is a great place to market your online business thanks to the numerous marketing tools available on the platform. You might have to struggle to get a hold of your digital presence though, before you start expecting to make any sales on the platform. However, worry not. Instagram is pretty easy to use if worked on with a solid content strategy and some tips that we’re going to be spilling out in this article today. If you have a new account, you will need to work on it and set it up to better optimize your account in the beginning. Once your account is set, your content will speak for itself.

It is very important to mention the role of a smooth and reliable internet like Kinetic Windstream in this process because, without a strong connection, you might miss a lot. So get high-speed internet, work up your creativity, and follow these simple steps to optimize your Instagram business account for maximum growth and success.

Set a clear profile picture or brand logo

First things first, you need to set a profile picture so that your followers can recognize you and associate you with it. If you want to set up your own picture on your Instagram profile, you should make sure it is a formal headshot that is clear too. If you have a brand logo for your business, you can also set that up as your profile picture and be associated with that image. Make sure you choose your brand colors wisely because you are going to be using them a lot in your content to make it look professional.

Include a keyword in your name

Secondly, Instagram runs heavily on keywords now and if you’re not using one in your name, you’re just losing out on your search engine optimization. If you have a keyword as part of your name, that’s naturally going to help you attain the right target market, however, if you don’t, you can add a phrase like ‘Digital Marketing’, ‘Chef’, or ‘Trainer’ as part of your name on your profile. Whenever anyone searches for a related keyword, your account will also make it to the search result and more people will be able to explore your profile.

Add a link to your website in the bio

Since you’re a business, your main aim to is earn through Instagram. Whether it is a product that you’re selling or a service you provide, you need to make a link or form where people can buy or contact you to make a purchase. Incorporate that on your profile so that when people visit your Instagram account, they can visit that link and maybe help boost your sales. You can add that link in your bio so it is convenient for visitors to navigate directly to your website.

Create multiple highlights for your followers

Posting stories is a great way to engage with your followers but stories disappear after one day. Thanks to the highlights feature, you can now save your stories in highlights. So any informative and important stories, that tell more about your brand, testimonials from happy customers, or PR videos, you can save them all as highlights so when new people follow you, they can know all about your journey and stay updated.

Create a branded feed

When it comes to curating your Instagram feed, unlike influencer accounts or other informal accounts, you need to maintain a formal outlook so people know you’re a professional account and can trust you. You can use a minimalistic theme, and use your brand colors to create post backgrounds, reels, and more. If you have a number of contrasting colors in your logo, you can alternate posts with that color to create a neat and fun feed. If there is just one color, use a color block technique to add more character to your account.

Conduct informative live sessions

A great way to engage and interact with your followers is to go live and talk to your followers about your niche, and what your brand is about, create awareness about something close to your heart, or just inform and educate your followers. You can also invite guest speakers and collaborate with people who have a good follower count so your account will also be shown to their followers and you might gain a few hundred!

Wrapping It Up

Optimizing your Instagram business account is a major step at ensuring your account will be visible to more accounts, have better engagement, and improve conversion rates. You can also use Instagram’s marketing tools like sponsored posts or ad boosts to gauge a wider audience, allow DM buttons or Visit website links in your promoted content, and get better results in less time. We hope our tips and tricks help you perform better and optimize for increased performance. Happy Instagramming!


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