How to Organize a Touch a Truck Event

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

A touch a truck event is a fun way to raise funds for a local non-profit or community organization. The basic idea is to get a lot of big trucks together in a parking lot or other large space and let kids climb all over them, sit in them and honk the horns. The more fun you make the event, the more people it will attract and the more money you will raise.

One way to make your event stand out and bring in more attendees is by making it more than just a bunch of trucks. For example, at the Woonsocket Rotary Club’s annual Touch-A-Truck event, a pink propane delivery truck was part of the fleet. This truck is owned by local company Proulx Oil & Propane and is used to deliver propane to the community. Proulx’s crew members at the event handed out industry-specific coloring books, crayons and stickers for children and provided company brochures and job applications for parents.

Another way to make your event more fun is by bringing in gourmet food trucks. These trucks are gaining popularity and have become more than just “roach coaches” that serve classic southern BBQ or tacos. Now, these trucks feature a wide range of foods and are able to appeal to almost any palate.

At Pierce County’s annual Touch-A-Truck, a fire engine, tractors, construction trucks, cranes, a utility truck and many other vehicles are on display. The event also features a special horn free hour for those who may be sensitive to sirens and loud noises.

David Sunnyside
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