How to Pair ONN Headphones With Your Device

July 30, 2023
David Sunnyside

If you love music and prefer listening wirelessly, then onn headphones may be just what you need. Bluetooth compatible devices such as computers or smartphones allow them to easily be connected. In this article we will demonstrate how easy it is to pair onn headphones with these devices in just minutes so that you can start enjoying all your favorite tunes right away!

Step one is to power on your headphones or earbuds and flashing LED indicator. Press and hold the power button for five seconds - this should switch into pairing mode, with LED light flashing red-blue.

Next, it is necessary to enable Bluetooth on your desktop computer. You can do so either by going into the settings and searching for "Bluetooth," or opening up System Preferences and clicking 'Add Bluetooth or Other Device. Once activated, wait for your list of available devices to display and select ONN headphones before clicking 'Connect' to complete pairing them with each other.

Follow these steps to pair headphones with an iPhone, Android phone or tablet, Mac. Just ensure you are running the latest operating system version and that your headphones/earbuds are charged up.

Once your ONN headphones or earbuds are paired to your computer, it's time to connect them with your mobile device. On Android phones this means opening the Settings app and choosing Bluetooth; just follow the on-screen instructions until your headphones or earbuds have been synced to your phone. On iOS devices this means going into Control Center > Bluetooth then following on-screen instructions until your ONN headphones or earbuds have been successfully linked with an iPad or iPod Touch device.

If your headphones or earbuds aren't connecting with your mobile device, there could be several potential reasons. Most likely is that Bluetooth is off. To fix this, either press the power button for three to four seconds until the LED flashes blue; or go into System Preferences and click Bluetooth icon or select Show Bluetooth Devices under Options menu.

Once this step has been taken, you can begin listening to music wirelessly and making hands-free calls using headphones or earbuds. Be sure that they remain close to your phone or computer so you can hear audio correctly; your device has controls to manage volume and other functions if necessary; otherwise reboot or repair may be required in order to achieve optimal sound.

David Sunnyside
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