How to Pin Safari on iPhone

February 7, 2024
David Sunnyside

In iOS 15, Apple introduced Tab Groups as a way to help you organize and easily find tabs that are open on your iPhone. Now, with the release of iOS 16, Safari is getting a handy new feature that makes it even easier to keep track of frequently visited websites — the ability to pin tabs.

You can pin multiple tabs in a Safari tab group or in a regular grid of open tabs, and you can also move pinned tabs to the top of the tab browser to make them easy to find. To do so, simply long-press on a tab and select the Pin Tab option in the shortcut menu. Pinned tabs are condensed and remain at the top of the tab browser until you unpin them.

The best part is that pinned tabs don’t disappear when you close them on any device. This is a big deal if you have a lot of tabs open and use Safari to stay on top of your work or play. Unlike bookmarking, which is an excellent way to save a web page for easy access, pinning a site lets you turn it into a temporary app that’s ready to go whenever you need it.

This works in private safari windows, too. But it’s important to note that pinned tabs in a private window are only visible for that session. When you exit the private window or shut down and reopen Safari, any pinned tabs will be erased.

David Sunnyside
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