How to Play Mega Man Legends

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

How to play mega man legends

A conventional Mega Man game revolves around a battle of a handful of bosses before an epic climax. This game drops that convention, opting for a semi-open world where you can talk to NPC's, take side quests and, most of all, explore dungeons. It predates Ocarina of Time by a year, but it has the same feel as that Nintendo classic: a world to be explored, a sense of discovery and a series of dungeons dotted with bad guys that you need to defeat.

The protagonist of this story is a robot named Mega Man Volnutt who lives on the island of Kattelox. He's a "digger," one who delves into underground ruins to scoop up old technology, especially power generating refractor cores. He's armed to the teeth with special weapons and is assisted by Roll, his Spotter who stays aboveground, scanning the ruins with equipment to locate treasure and danger.

Mega Man can also collect energy cubes to refill his shields and blue pellets, which refill his special weapon. He can then exchange these for zenny at a bank in town. He can also pick up new weapons by destroying or stealing them from enemy robots or buying them from shops.

While this setup makes for a different game, critics loved it. Game Informer called it a "solid" and engrossing experience while GamePro described the variation in special weapons as one of its highlights. Adding to that praise was the relaxed approach of the mechanics; in typical two-dimensional platformers, jumping across gaps and blasting enemies are the main tests of your skill, but here they're just a backdrop for exploring a beautiful world.

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