How to Post Anonymously on Facebook

December 21, 2023
David Sunnyside

Facebook is great for sharing ideas, advice and gossip with friends but sometimes it's not ideal to reveal your identity in public. Whether it's for personal safety or not wanting to be personally attacked by trolls, it can be useful to post anonymously on facebook. Luckily, Facebook has an option to allow members to post anonymously in groups if group admins enable it.

To use the feature, members simply navigate to their preferred group and tap the "Anonymous Post" button below the text box when composing a new post. A prompt will appear explaining how anonymous posts work and letting members know their name will still be visible to the group's admins and moderators, as well as to Facebook's systems. However, to other members, their name will appear as 'Group Member' rather than their profile image.

Users can also create polls, events and prompts as they would in any other Facebook post. The feature is available to both desktop and mobile and it can be toggled off in a group's settings at any time.

This is a handy feature to have especially for parents of kids in private parenting groups where sensitive information is often shared. Previously, members who needed to post anonymously had to message the admins of the group and ask them to post on their behalf. This was not only time consuming but it relied on the kindness of group admins to respond. Now it's much easier to do in a few simple steps.

David Sunnyside
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