How to Print on Mac

March 3, 2024
David Sunnyside

With digital files so prevalent, many people don’t print documents anymore. But if you need to print something on your mac, there are a few quick mouse clicks or keyboard commands you can use to access the printer and print your document with the right settings.

Typically, you print documents directly from the program that created them, such as a word processor or iLife app, using a menu item (or a keyboard shortcut). This bypasses the Print dialog box described in this article. However, the print dialog box is still essential to learn how to adjust printer settings and print a document that looks as you want it to.

Once you select a file to print and choose your printer, you can view the document or PDF in a preview window before printing. You can also adjust your print settings, such as paper size and number of copies to print. You can even set your printer to print double-sided to save on printing costs and resources.

The second pull-down menu in the print dialog box allows you to specify how your pages are bound together. This menu choice determines the order in which your printed pages are inserted into the binder or folder. If you want your pages to be glued or stapled together, you should select “Long-edge binding.” If your printer is compatible with duplex printing, selecting this option will print your document on both sides of the page.

David Sunnyside
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