How to Program a Tesla Key Card

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

A tesla key card is an electronic device with an outer case, copper wiring, and an RFID (radio-frequency identification) chip. Like other cards, it’s vulnerable to damage and interference. A Tesla car owner can purchase replacement cards from their service center or through the Internet. If the key card gets damaged or lost, it’s important to remove it from the vehicle so that others can’t use it to access the car.

Several reasons why the Tesla key card may not work include a dead battery, interference from other devices that use NFC technology, or a software glitch. These reasons are usually quite easy to identify and fix. However, if you can’t get your card to work even after attempting these troubleshooting steps, you should contact Tesla for assistance.

Tesla owners can add up to five additional drivers using their car’s app. This can be a great way to give friends or family members temporary access to the vehicle without needing to buy extra key cards. The process to add a new driver is fairly straightforward and can be done on the vehicle’s touchscreen monitor.

Tesla car owners can also de-activate a lost or stolen key card from the touchscreen monitor in their car. This will prevent the owner from accidentally starting or unlocking their car with a stolen key. It’s recommended to do this as soon as you discover that a key card is missing or stolen. It is possible to replace a Tesla key card, but it will require a trip to the dealership and a valid form of documentation.

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